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  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours
  • No-lines policy You will not stand in lines and waste your precious time
  • Availability: Everyday
  • Dressing code: Comfortable. No high-heels. Bring a hat in the hot summer days
  • How to get there: You can take metro, taxi or we can arrange a private transfer from your hotel or accomodation
  • Why take this tour: Ancient Rome has ahd great influence on our societies. You will see the ruins of the capital of the largest empire ever built in Europe!
  • Age limits The tour is suitable to anyone.If you have kids, please specify during your booking. We give you a guide specialized for kids.
  • Special notes: Picures are allowed almost everywhere! Bring a plastic bottle of water.
  • How to book: Quick and easy. Send us an email or use the form to contact us.

TOUR Description

On this tour we will take you back in time through the wonders of Ancient Rome. Ruins are mostly illegible to the average visitor but they will come to life with the help of your local guide.

She will take you inside the Colosseum and walk by the arena, on the spectators gangways and will show you original statues, graffiti, oil lamps, table games, animal bones and other authentic remains found inside the amphitheatre.

You will hear accurate facts and curiosisties about its architecture, the shows, the gladiators and everything involved in it. Even if you have already been to the Colosseum on your own, your local guide will give much more value to your experience this time.

You will not be standing in lines, no waste of time. This tour includes also other great sites that must be visited in Rome, even if you spend only one day in the Eternal City.

Will walk througn the Forum, the main political, commercial and judicial center of the city. We will stop by the altar where Julius Caesar was cremated. You will hear anectotes and interesting facts about him and the Emperors, see the road and the arches thorugh which they made their tryumphs, the temples where they made sacrifices to the Gods, the Senate House where laws were passed and decisions made.

We will see the court houses where lawyers and people gathered to participate to the trials. You will learn about the Romans judicial system, their customs, traditions and way of living.

The itinerary also includes a visit to the Emperors Palace, a huge resicence decorated with frescos mosaics, columns and othe rich materials imported from teh conquered provinces.

Did you know the Emperor and his wife used to sleep in different rooms?

Did you know the romans preferred a continentak breakfast to a modern Italian sweet one?

Did you know roads had no street sign, women dyed their hair to be blonde and teh Romans invented bikinis?

You will see and learn so much during this tour that will make your trip to Rome much more worth it!

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Our Expert Guide

  • Mario
  • Knowledgable, kind, funny

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